[MapQuery] release help needed

Steven Ottens steven at minst.net
Mon Jul 25 16:59:42 EDT 2011

Hi all,

We just discussed the 0.1 release on IRC. Basically Volker, Justin and me decided that the codebase is pretty much what we need for the 0.1 release. There are a few points we want to solve before releasing. This is where you can step in and make this release happen. For our first release these 5 points need to be ticked off:

1. Create layer type docs.
2. Rename goto() to center() (thanks Drew)
3. Make sure that all code is no wider that 80 characters
4. the demo page isn't working for chromium
5. create a special minified openlayers build for mapquery

I can do 1,2 and probably 5. If someone can do 3 and 4 that would be great.


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