Visual map file builder

Stephen Lime steve.lime at
Mon Jul 10 11:52:24 EDT 2000

I wanted to try and use a web interface but maintaining state is such a headache. Perl/Tk is
pretty easy (already have much of the interface done) and will run just about anywhere.

As for editors, I'm not aware of any. OpenMap may be a possibility
but I've not used it. MapScript can certainly be used for writing and reading shapefiles if 
someone could put together a client...


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>>> RAldridge <RAldridge at> 07/08/00 01:06PM >>>

Sounds like a useful tool.  I'd definitely be interested.  I've really gotten behind on the latest MapServer developments.  I like using PHP w/ MySql for database stuff, so I've got to check out the PHP/MapScript stuff.

On a similar thread...Are there any free (preferably open source) graphic shapefile create/edit tools available?  This would be excellent for small projects.  I'd considered at one time diving into shapelib and trying to build a simple viewer/editor myself, but I haven't made the time.


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