[mapserver-users] Importing a Google/Yahoo maps raster layer

Fawcett, David David.Fawcett at state.mn.us
Mon Jun 1 09:53:31 EDT 2009

Take a look at OpenLayers.  http://www.openlayers.org
Here is an example of an OpenLayers application that uses Google as the
base layer.
(When the app first loads, it is using OpenStreetMap data as the base
layer.  Click on the '+' icon on the right side of the map to expand the
layer switcher and you can then switch to a Google layer.)
You can also use Microsoft Virtual Earth data
And using MapServer, you can publish your data as a WMS and pull it in
to the same OpenLayers app.  (You can also connect to MapServer with a
native MapServer CGI call, but the developers are encouraging the use of
a standard WMS call.)

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	Thank you for your clarification. So, I would need the
client-side to support google/yahoo layers and mapserver would run to
feed just its specific layers.
	Anyway, do you know any other projects that offer (with an open
license) access to raster satellite/aerial imagery that can be
integrated with mapserver?
	Adrian Popa
	Rahkonen Jukka wrote: 

		Terms and conditions of these services do not allow
		Google/Yahoo maps through Mapserver.  However, it is
allowed to let the
		mapping client to make this integration. One example I
found from my
		bookmarks is here:
		-Jukka Rahkonen
		Adrian Popa wrote:

			Hello everybody,
			I'm not sure if it's been disscussed on the list
already or 
			not, but I wanted to ask if it's possible to
			mapserver (and starting with which version?)
with Google/Yahoo maps.
			I would like to display the raster (satellite)
images from 
			google/yahoo as a layer in the map. The thing is
- I don't 
			want to store the actual raster data on my
server - but to 
			make requests to google/yahoo on the fly.
			Thank you,
			Adrian Popa
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