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Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Wed Oct 20 07:49:56 EDT 2010

If I use a big combined shapefile as input I am getting class 36311 coloured as red.  If I am using tileindex I am getting an empty map.  Tileindex itself is working and if I comment out the EXPRESSION while using tileindex I do get everything from the background data drawn.  Thus it is the classification that does not work for me.
My Mapserver is version 5.2.1 and here are some parts of my mapfile:
  #TILEINDEX "wildwater_tindex.shp,0"  #classification does not work with this
 DATA "combined_wildwaters"   #classification works with this
 CLASSITEM "luokka"
     NAME "wide_wildwater"
     EXPRESSION "36311"
       COLOR 255 0 0
       WIDTH 2
-Jukka Rahkonen-


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	Aihe: Re: [mapserver-users] Ogrtindex and attribute data
	Do you mean that you cannot classify a layer where the data are drawn using a tile index?  I use tile indexed shapefiles all the time and have never had any problems using CLASSITEM/EXPRESSION and FILTERITEM/FILTER.  Could you provide an example of what's not working?
	On 10/19/2010 10:17 AM, Rahkonen Jukka wrote: 

		Can somebody affirm that using ogr tileindex is breaking the access to the attribute date of the real datasets, for example shapefiles?  Somebody was trying to use WMS GetFeatureInfo with a ogrtindex layer and failed and so did I in the test I made for verification.  Now I have been trying myself to classify an orgtindex layer but CLASSITEM/EXPRESSION does not select anything. FILTERITEM/FILTER does not work either.  Both systems work if I change a huge combined shapefile in place of the tileindex connection and without EXPRESSION or FILTER Mapserver is drawing all the features OK.
		If access to attribute data is not implemented, wouldn't it be cool to have it?  Multigigabyte shapefiles are tedious to update but I have a reason to use files instead of a database in this case.
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