[mapserver-users] Using WFS gml_[item name]_alias

Dejan Gambin dejan.gambin at coin.hr
Fri Feb 3 03:16:43 EST 2012


I am trying to use gml_[item name]_alias for renaming my columns in wfs GetFeature request with gml output. Everything works fine except I can't use some characters like whitespace for example, because it is not a valid xml element.

My question is - is there any way to name my attribute like "my attribute" through WFS GetFeature request? 

Btw, I am presenting the result in a html table, so would be useful, for example, to be able to handle this and other stuff like type for example (integer, string, ..) through the mapfile. And maybe to use this on the client to align data in a table (numbers right, string left, etc.)

Thanks very much on any useful info

regards, dejan
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