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Vardeman, Andrew [CSSM] andrewv at iastate.edu
Fri Apr 27 16:12:52 EDT 2012

Regarding a WebGL renderer:

Sounds great for stuff like scaling images, etc, but does WebGL provide a triangulation API?  If not, I think JavaScript triangulation of vector features may prove slow enough to force some UI/UX changes.  I could go into more detail if you'd like.


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Based on conversations at FOSS4G-NA and elsewhere, we've decided to organize a development sprint in France the week of June 18.

The focus of this sprint will be to lay the framework for an OpenLayers 3 release.  In particular, we'll be focussed on a design that allows for a WebGL renderer (for vector and raster layers).  This design should allow for fallback renderers using the Canvas 2D context or a SVG/VML and Image combo as we have now.

In addition, an important focus of our work will be to incorporate lessons learned from the history of the 2.x series, improving the library's ease of use and simplifying its API.

We welcome ideas on the design for the next major version of OpenLayers.  In the upcoming weeks we'll be discussing sprint logistics, so additional details are forthcoming.

My aim is to build on the terrific success of OpenLayers, advancing the library so it will serve as a solid foundation for mapping applications for years to come.

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