[OpenLayers-Users] Internet Explorer whinge with OpenLayers code

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Wed Oct 24 06:58:21 EDT 2007

Hi Nick,

I'm not sure what caused the error in you environment, but the mentioned 
error is also thrown when you  have  object-literals looking like  this 

var myObject = {
  attribute : 1234,
  otherAttribute: 'some val', // this is where the error occurs

the error in IE results from the comma in the last attribute-value pair! 
It should look like this:

var myObject = {
  attribute : 1234,
  otherAttribute: 'some val'  // no comma here and IE will not mocker

As said, I'm not sure whether this is the root of your error.
Good luck.

-- Marc

Nick Whitelegg schrieb:
> Hello everyone,
> For a while my Freemap site (free-map.org.uk) has been working fine in 
> Firefox and Opera, but not working in Internet Explorer (isn't that always 
> the way.....) Because the places where I have access to Windows do not 
> allow me to ssh to the Freemap server, it's very difficult for me to get 
> it debugged on IE. The IE debugger complains with this line (OpenLayers 
> 2.2).... with an "Object does not support this property or method" whinge 
> - something which normally occurs when you use unsupported W3C 
> attributes/methods such as event.target. Any ideas what might be wrong?
>         map = new OpenLayers.Map('map',
>                         { maxExtent: new 
> OpenLayers.Bounds(-700000,6000000,200000,8100000),
>                                 resolutions: [10],
>                                 tileSize: new OpenLayers.Size(500,500),
>                                           units: 'meters' } 
>                                                 );
> Thanks,
> Nick
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