[OpenLayers-Users] Mouseclick position in IE6

Frank Broniewski brfr at metrico.lu
Tue Jul 21 03:45:36 EDT 2009

Hello list,

I have a map in a document with a somewhat complicated layout. Unfortunately I 
don't have the possibility to influence the layout to clean up things. See 
http://www.miselerland.lu/strasse-der-roemer for the page, down at the bottom 
is the map.

There is a shift of 40px to the left when the mouse position gets determined 
for IE6. Are there any known issues with IE6 and position determination? Its 
probably some CSS issue, but I am not a guru, so I am not into all the CSS 
bugs of IE6.

And if not, where can I patch/hack my OL to implement the negative pixel in x 
direction? I thought, Events.js->getMouseposition would be good for a start. 
But I fear to break more than repair when I substract some value from the 
determined mouse position for IE6.

Many thanks
Frank Broniewski

Metrico s.àr.l. ( http://www.metrico.lu )
36, rue des Romains 
L-5433 Niederdonven 

Fon: +352 26 74 94 28 
Fax: +352 26 74 94 99

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