[OpenLayers-Users] geoserver/openlayers freelance job

Tim Pigden tim.pigden at optrak.com
Wed Feb 1 07:38:43 EST 2012

Hi, I've posted a freelance job on odesk, a freelance sourcing tool.
If anyone is interested please apply via odesk or email me directly on
tim.pigden at optrak.com


job summary as below

I want to set up a Geoserver implementation.
My clients have many customer sites that may be affected by their
inclusion in a set of polygons.
The should be able to upload their own customer sites, securely (they
are already geocoded), view them against a map, determine which are
inside the buffer zones, click to get customer details, grab a bunch
of affected sites via rectangle and download those, download all.
Download would be to excel file ideally or something similar (csv would do).
I would expect technolgoy to be geoserver + openlayers.

There may be some sub-selection based on customer site criteria too -
which may need customising per client. The clients have no gis skills.

The area concerned is London, UK
I wish to use openstreetmaps as the backdrop - the customers will need
to zoom in to street level. The ability to render openstreetmap data
in a similar, scale-dependent way as openstreetmap does would be

The polygons will be supplied by us.
Will will provide a linux-based host.

The work is for a setup - which must be completed this month and
on-going support work (new queries, differences in client's customer
data, new users etc) for a period of approximate 6 months. I've listed
it as less than 1 month (my estimate is much less but I've not done

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