[postgis-devel] Issue 31 in postgis: Negative distance buffer

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Thu Jul 17 04:04:21 PDT 2008

Issue 31: Negative distance buffer

Comment #5 by joaofgo:
Seems like a similar problem is already in GEOS trac
 I had some difficulties when trying to find out some information/samples/examples
regarding the use of the XMLTester in GEOS and also regarding the XML 
test schema.
However, I was able to assemble some xml files from my test data (used 
a simple
script to generate this files based on PostGIS results) and I ran them 
through the
XMLTester as suggested for GEOS and also for JTS. The results can be 
observed in the
attached files. Seems like there is a high error rate when using 
st_buffer (for both
inner and outer rings) and that JTS has got a more conservative error detection
approach (?) compared to GEOS.
  Please check out the syntax for the attached xml files and the 
results. I hope that
this tests help to track the problem. Any ideas for results 
interpretation? More
testing needed?

	buffer_test.zip  1.3 MB

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