[postgis-users] Who is Using PostGIS?

Eric.Hillmuth at anr.state.vt.us Eric.Hillmuth at anr.state.vt.us
Mon Mar 8 06:58:19 PST 2004

On 7 Mar 2004 at 17:27, Paul Ramsey wrote:

>     Who are you?

Eric Hillmuth, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

>     What are you using PostGIS for?

Just scratching the surface so far, I hope to use it for a back end to a WMS/WFS 
server at some point.

>     Why did you choose PostGIS?

Portions of our GIS data are pretty dynamic so PostGIS is a better approach than a 
mess of shape files. Also good integration with Mapserver and Geoserver.  

>     What makes you happy about your PostGIS installation?

Install from source went pretty well, I think...

>     What makes you unhappy about your PostGIS installation?

So, now that I have it installed it occurs to me that I don't know anything about 
PostgrSQL. A quickstart guide that goes from download to compile to loading data 
would be useful. If there is nothing out there already I'll write something up when I get 
through it. 

> Those who want to remain in confidence, but still want to make their 
> feelings known, please respond to me directly.
> Otherwise, answers to the list, so all can enjoy!
> Thanks!
> Paul
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