[postgis-users] bugs in postgis-1.0RC2 with postgres 7.2.1

alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Tue Feb 8 19:52:26 PST 2005

hello markus,

thanks for the patches.

> > - We include the patch "as is" into the PostGIS CVS, and document it, so
> > everyone has access to it, and your build process applies it whenever
> > building for woody.

though i love to see woody specific support in postgis, the general
postgis approach contains generic support for postgresql 7.2. if we
could detect the pgjdbc version, patch and unpatch will run
automatically as required. i would happily do it, please just inform me

p. s. would this work on postgresql 7.1?

thanks again,


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