[Qgis-developer] Compiling QGIS 0.9 using Microsoft Express 2005

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:25:10 EDT 2007

Hi Tim,

maybe you have something wrong with path to flex and bison - the lexer
and parser .cpp files have been created or not? (or check whether
you're not missing some DLLs in PATH they need)

I've been able to build and run QGIS with David's patch some time ago,
but I didn't apply it so far to SVN as some things happened to be
still unresolved (and I didn't have time to investigate it further):
- I had problems to apply the patch on linux due some mismatch of
windows and linux line endings
- I couldn't compile QGIS with MinGW with this patch (some problems
with QgsApplication)

But I think we really should sort out the things and make possible to
build QGIS with MSVC without troubles - since next Qt open source
versions will support it too.


On 9/26/07, Tim Sutton <tim at linfiniti.com> wrote:
> Hi All
> Ok in follow up to the previos message I discoered I must have copied
> in the incorrect version.h into geos....I tweaked that file and all
> the geos errors are gone leaving me with (only!) 206 others....
> Regards
> Tim
> 2007/9/26, Tim Sutton <tim at linfiniti.com>:
> > Hi All (and especially David and Martin!)
> >
> > I've been trying to build QGIS on a clean xp mage in parallels. After
> > too many hassles to mention I have all the deps built or downloaded
> > and installed. Im following the notes David previously sent to the
> > list and notes from Mateusz on building Qt with msvc as well as just
> > groping along in the dark a lot :-)
> >
> > Trying to compile qgis core I get 332 errors which I must say is some
> > kind of personal record ;-) Most seem to deal with geos namespace
> > issues. Do you have any hints on how to resolve that?
> >
> > Also (for Martin) the search stuff doesnt seem to be compiling (flex / bison).
> >
> > I would really appreciate any hints on resolving these issues! Full
> > transcript from msvc express below...
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Tim
> >
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