[Qgis-developer] Re: Labels in OS X

John C. Tull john.tull at wildnevada.org
Fri Jul 11 14:16:44 EDT 2008

I was building with several options, including nomake-demos! I'm going  
to rebuild Qt today without any configure args and then report back.  
Thanks for the suggestions.


On Jul 11, 2008, at 9:53 AM, Tom Elwertowski wrote:

> The only parameter I use with Qt configure is -universal. Is text  
> being truncated in the demo and example apps that come with Qt? This  
> would determine if the problem is in Qt or qgis.
> Next I would check what string is extracted from the feature at  
> QgsLabel::renderLabel line 106. You can work forward or backward  
> from this point depending upon whether or not you see the full string.
> Tom
> John C. Tull wrote:
>> Thanks for the test. I just cannot think what is causing my  
>> problems with labels on the canvas... Care to share your Qt  
>> configure arguments? Maybe there's a problem there, although I  
>> tried the binary installer as well as home-rolled with the same  
>> label problem in either situation.
>> Cheers,
>> John
>> On Jul 9, 2008, at 11:30 PM, Tom Elwertowski wrote:
>>> John,
>>> Labels work for me using current svn, Qt 4.4.0 and OS X 10.5.4. I  
>>> don't use Python. Trying to match your example, all I did was  
>>> select a label field in the Vector Layer Properties dialog and  
>>> check Buffer Labels.
>>> Tom
>>> John C. Tull wrote:
>>>> Tom,
>>>> I was wondering if you have been seeing problems with labels in  
>>>> qgis using qt-4.4.0, pyqt-4.4.2? Below is an example of how my  
>>>> labels are being truncated to rightmost characters in the map  
>>>> canvas. It seems to be something like a 50% truncation, so long  
>>>> labels show more characters than short labels, but everything is  
>>>> being cut short.
>>>> Someone on irc and linux with qt-4.4.0 did not have this problem,  
>>>> so I am trying to see if this is happening with other Mac users.
>>>> I have built the most current svn, am on 10.5.4, and seemed to  
>>>> only have this problem after upgrading Qt.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> John
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