[Qgis-developer] Planning for QGIS 1.0.0 '????'

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Thu Jul 31 08:04:46 EDT 2008


> Should this go to a separate branch or do I simply commit it to trunk?  I'd say
> it's more likely that it gets the testing it needs in trunk...

I posted a response on this eariler in this thread (28 July) :

> The WFS provider also uses the GEOS spatial index, that also has no
> C-API.  We also have QgsSpatialIndex, which we could you for that or
> propose another extension.   An other solution would be to add that to
> the GEOS C-API, too.   Opinions?

One thing I wonder about patching GEOS is that in packaging QGIS for
other platforms we are effectively going to be requiring that a very
recent GEOS is present (i.e. one that includes your patches). Is this
going to be an issue and is there an elegant solution to the issue?

I would prefer to wait until we have a solution to this before
patching your changes into trunk. Otherwise everyone who installs
binaries via apt or whatever is going to complain.

Ways to address it:

- patch upstream geos and wait for change to get into repos (loooong time?)
- figure out a workaround to be able to use unpatched geos
- make geos c-api changes a branch until upstream geos is compatible
- something else?



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