[Qgis-developer] Plugin Development C++ Windows - Any response?

maaza mekuria sailmcm at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 24 18:47:52 EST 2011

Thank you Barend, I wrote the name of the Python plugin_builder.py wrong.

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  On 24-2-2011 23:44, maaza mekuria wrote:
            I like your idea
              Julien. It does not make sense to have to store all of
              QGIS source files for a c++ plugin to work. I think the
              libraries that need to be referenced should be found
              identified so that one may be able to just build (compile
              and link) the dll independently of the rest of the QGIS



    I like it too.



              I was able to find out why my QGIS compile failed. It
              appears to me that when I uninstalled Python version 2.6
              and installed 2.7 something went wrong. I reinstalled
              Python 2.6 and now I am able to use cmake and configure
              and generate with out any error messages. I am thankful
              for your help and prayers, I might add. 


              Now that I also heard that there is a build_plugin.py file
              that could ease my pain of creating a plugin, I am looking
              at it. Does it need to be run from with QGIS or what?


    Called plugin_builder.py 

    For me it worked by just calling it from the command prompt (I used


    Is there a provider_builder.py as well somewhere?



              Just trying to break the C++ plugin barrier,


    Me too ;-)


    Regards, Barend



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