[OSGeo Africa] Re: Introduction to GIS information

Brendon Wolff-Piggott brendon at integratedgeodata.co.za
Mon Nov 10 15:49:46 EST 2008

Hi William

GIS has been a part of the US K12 curriculum for a while.  Google picks up
quite a few references.  It might be useful to look at these.

This article on teaching GIS in the Professional Geographer looks

" ...access to appropriate hardware is a critical barrier. Time is another
critical barrier—time to learn the GIS software and time in the curriculum
to incorporate GIS as a learning experience. In both case studies,
learning the technology at the expense of learning spatial analysis was a
danger, suggesting the need for conscious focus on the goal of using GIS
to learn how to “do geography.”  "

Brendon Wolff-Piggott

> William Kinghorn wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am looking for Introduction to GIS information that I can use to
>> create a core curriculum for schools. This is for before you start using
>> an app on the computer, like the Free GIS Book
>> The info must be freely available, as I don't want schools  to have to
>> pay for it.
>> The Free GIS book will only be available possibly by next year, and I
>> would like to start this now, and link to the book when it comes out.
>> Most of the material I have found, teaches you GIS using this or that
>> app, which is not what I think should be taught in the beginning ( ie
>> grade 10 )
>> William

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