[OSGeo Africa] Native reserves/locations as originally proclaimed in the Native Land Act of 1913 and later

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Mon Apr 8 04:24:06 PDT 2013

    Hi Aslam ,

    Have you had a look at the the Report of the Tomlinson Commission ? ( all 
    the many volumes and maps )

    I am very sure that there must have been a spatial component to the 1913 
    Act -- I would also think that this would have been the responsibility of 
    the SG ?  ( Definitely some Gov department )

    There is some info for Natal but this would not be the whole country.

    "The Native Reserves in Natal ( Natal Regional Survey Vol V11 ) Edgar H 
    Brookes and N Hurwitz University of Natal 

    Have you had a look at "Disputed Land"   ( the book )

    Did you attend the land conference at UCT ?


    Lots of papers presented but I do not see anythung that would excite a 
    land surveyor or a GIS practioner. It would appear that historians / 
    social scientists know nothing about spatial and surveyors know nothing 
    about history ?

    The whole thing looks just like a talk shop -- something academics are 
    famous for. How can you analyze something if you have not quantified it ?

    Perhaps mail Aninka Claassens

    Prof Johann Kirsten at Pretoria University Ag Econ department  -
    Johann is a grandson of Prof Tomlinson.

    WHERE are the Spatial experts -- Historical Geographers ?

    Still -- when I see the Ford Foundation and Konrad Adenauer together I am 
    not expecting anything more than a bound report and conclusions that 
    favour certain political themes !

    Please let me know if you do manage to track down the full spatial 
    complement to the 1913 Land Act. 
    Perhaps ask Linda ........


On 8 Apr 2013 at 12:06, Aslam Parker wrote:

> Hi All

> I know this is a long shot, but is there anyone who has data on the
> location of Native Reserves as proclaimed in the 1913 Land Act and
> subsequent amendment. The TVBC states is a relatively recent artifact of
> the Apartheid Government land engineering project, for which I have
> information. I also have maps showing the location of Native Reserves in
> the 1960's. I am looking for maps older than this. 
> Any leads will be appreciated.
> Kind regards
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