[OSGeo Africa] [OSGeo Africa Re: How to capture cadastral data using QGIS

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Thu Aug 8 15:05:23 PDT 2013

    Hi ,

    I am no expert on this -- just starting to try and puzzle it all out

    I *think* that this is what you would be after in ArcGIS -- seeing as you 
    mention it  ( apologies Tim , Gavin )

    Parcel Editor Toolbar


    ArcGIS Help 10.2 { Editing Parcels }


    Some other links


    The Geneology Extension looks particularly uiseful for what I am 
    interested in.

    Please let me know if this is getting anywhere near what you were after ?


On 8 Aug 2013 at 15:29, Johan van Rensburg wrote:

> Hi Zoltan,
> We have a Town Planning client that needs to do changes on a cadastral
> shape file as captured or to do planning of a new township layout. They
> have two choices ArcGIS(Expensive) or QGIS (Inexpensive) the only problem
> is the ability to do the data capture with QGIS.
> Best Regards
> Johan van Rensburg
> GIS Consultant

> I stand corrected on this, but I believe that the SGO has in house tools
> and of course the surveyors have survey programs that capture it. One must
> be careful as the tricky part is connecting one parcel to the next - as
> your area of capture gets larger and different Land Surveyors have done
> different surveys you will see they don't fit together (because one is
> working on coordinates).
> Coordinates are pretty meaningless to a land surveyor aside to give a
> general location, they have little weight.
> You will find as well that the bearing and distance need not tally up on
> adjoining surveys. I rarely adopt previous bearing and distances and
> prefer to use my own measurements.
> Regards
> Peter

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