[OSGeo Africa] Data required - land ownership and ground water resources

Chris chris at airphotoafrica.co.za
Thu Feb 7 07:23:42 PST 2013

    Seeing as ALL government employees have already gone home I suppose it is 
    now safe to talk freely

    ( Ok ok I am joking ..... )

    I do not know about other areas but for KZN this might help


    The Cadastral Data Capture Project is interesting

    Other data appears to be available as well

    Why so quiet Mr Sam Yirenkyi ( Does GISSA not read this mail list ? )

    I seem to have found a bit of an "El Dorado"  ( why did I never ever find 
    this site before ? Useless GOOGLE )

    "Out of the strong came something sweet"


On 7 Feb 2013 at 21:12, Hanlie Pretorius wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know where I can get data on which parts of SA is owned by the
> state, privately or communal?
> Also, is anyone aware of a country wide dataset of ground water
> availability? I've checked the Council for Geosciences web site, but
> didn't find anything there.
> I'm actually more interested in the rural areas for both datasets, but
> that would cover most of the country since I'm including densely populated
> rural areas such as the old homelands.
> Thanks

> Hanlie

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