[OSGeo Africa] Tshwane illegally requesting tender for ESRI software

Peter Newmarch newmarch at land-surveyors.com
Tue Jun 4 07:57:29 PDT 2013

It may be impractical, but that's besides the point. The practicality of 
continuing the system or training should be part of the tender process. 
Long term it may be cheaper to scrap the current system entirely. This 
is precisely why tenders should never be product specific and only 
outcome based.

In fact I would argue differently and say the constant changing of 
equipment and software may in fact be in the municipalities interest as 
it builds a more knowledgeable workforce. By sticking to one particular 
product or type of training one may in fact be limiting skills transfer 
and knowledge.


On 2013/06/04 04:16 PM, Adi Eyal wrote:
> I agree with Vutomi - the cost of re-training staff and changing
> systems every time they need to procure new software is impractical.
> Adi
> On 4 June 2013 13:57, Vutomi Mdlhovu <vutomim at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Gavin,
>> Having gone through the tender, I don't think the metro is at fault at all.
>> If you look clearly at the scope of work as well as the pricing schedule
>> page, it clearly tells that they looking for a service provider that can
>> assist them with the maintenance of the existing infrastructure as well as
>> increasing their current license capability. The question that should be
>> asked is whether ESRI-SA is the sole provider of the service that they are
>> requiring and the answer is no. Their business partners can offer the
>> service as well thus the need to go on tender.
>> I maybe wrong
>> Regards
>> Rae
>> On 4 June 2013 12:34, Gavin Fleming <gavin at afrispatial.co.za> wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> See details of tender CB111/2013 in this doc:
>>> http://www.tshwane.gov.za/Business/Lists/Tenders/Attachments/473/CB111%202013.pdf
>>> According to the Govt FOSS policy, Govt entities may not request tenders
>>> for specific software. They have to request tenders for a solution, thus
>>> allowing diverse suppliers to tender and in this way giving the opportunity
>>> for FOSS suppliers to tender. In due course FOSS will become obligatory but
>>> for the time being tenders have to be open while the FOSS supplier base
>>> builds up.
>>> What's the point of this being a public tender if there is only one
>>> supplier?
>>> I invite you to object or join me in objecting as well as in submitting
>>> alternative bids consisting of FOSS solutions.
>>> --
>>> regards
>>> Gavin
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