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Fri May 7 03:14:46 PDT 2021

Hi everyone,

Thanks, Gaël, for the initiative.

I'm not available on that evening, so I give you my 'procuration' (I don't know what is the official way to do this).

One formal remark concerning the agenda: IMHO, point 8 should come before 7. First you determine the composition of the GA, then you elect the board. And 6 should probably come after both of these points in combination with the discussion of activities in point 9.


Am 7. Mai 2021 11:22:56 MESZ schrieb "Gaël Kruwialis" <gael.kruwialis at ngi.be>:
>Hi all,
>First, I hope that every member of our community has been able to get through this year without too much trouble.
>It's been five months since this year started again and the smells of spring, bring some perspective.
>This is one of the reason, I would like to invite you to our General Assembly, which I propose to hold on 18 May 2021 at 7.30 pm.
>This meeting will be held by Videocall.
>I remind you that participation in the GA is OPEN TO ALL  “associate members”, so at least if you are reading this post you are “an associate members” 😉 !
>The proposed agenda follows this email.
>I would also like to share a suggestion box:
>On this page, please post your ideas or vote for those proposed.
>We will sort them out and submit them at our next GA.
>We need to reconnect our community so let's listen to what “it” has to say …
>I hope to see you soon, and I look forward to meet you in person or in virtual.
>Agenda AG 2021 Tuesday 18 May at 19.30
>  1.  Approval of the minutes of the previous general assembly
>  2.  Report of the president / secretary
>  3.  Report about the activities organised between Mai 2020 - Mai 2021
>     *    (To be completed)
>     *   (To be completed )
>  4.  Financial report 2020
>  5.  Discharge of the members of the Board of Directors for the 2020 financial year.
>  6.  Provisional Budget 2021
>  7.  Composition of the board
>     *   New members
>     *   Resignations
>  8.  Composition of the voting members
>     *   New members
>     *   Resignations
>  9.  Preview of the events in 2021
>     *   Events
>        *   (To be discussed or completed)
>     *   Agreement to give mandate to the board to take the necessary actions regarding the events and strategy
>     *   Plan actions about activities, events and strategy (see call for activities below)
>  10. Mandates
>  11. Closing of the general assembly
>Met vriendelijke groeten, Cordialement, Kind Regards,
>Gaël Kruwialis
>Disclaimer <https://common.ngi.be/static/legal/disclaimer/>
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