[Benchmarking] library benchmarks in benchmarks

Barend Gehrels Barend.Gehrels at geodan.nl
Sat Feb 20 05:39:39 EST 2010

Hi Frank,
>> Barend,
>> I don't have any objection to this being hosted in it's own subdirectory
>> of the foss4g/benchmarking area as long as it isn't terribly large.  But
>> it seems quite a distinct activity from the existing "web mapping"
>> shootout.  I'm not convinced it would end up in the same presentation.
> We do not aim to include the geometry performance results in any
> presentation. We've just asked for hosting of this package.

Thanks for your answer, so in summary we like to put our sources here:
where "geometry_libraries" is the proposed new folder. It will not be 
large, and contain only sources (shapefile is not necessary there 
because is downloadable elsewhere and the test can be used with other 
shapefiles as well).

We realize that it does not fit in the other activities, and that it 
will not be in the same presentation (if presented at all, this was not 
our proposal).

It is just that we looked for a convenient, independant and publicly 
accessible SVN, which this seems to be.

Regards, Barend

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