[OSGeo-Board] Infrastructure proposal/assessment - item for tomorrow?

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Fri Aug 4 14:14:21 PDT 2006

I like this option a lot.  Seem like very friendly folks, and being part 
of a university they should have very good bandwidth.  If they can do a 
managed svn server with good uptime they could be a good option for 
that, with telascience doing the stuff needing less intensive updtime.


Jo Walsh wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 09:57:44AM -0700, Gary Lang wrote:
>> Jo, thanks for doing this. It's definitely worth a look.
> Well, this is a survey of what projects need in the way of online
> services and have asked for - Cameron Shorter is keen to get Community
> Mapbuilder out of codehaus - Bob Bray of MapGuide has spoken of this
> as his basic needs. I hope it will be a useful indicator of a lowest
> common denominator. 
> I think there is a lot of volunteer energy to help set things up, but
> not so much to maintain them. The Open Source Lab seem like a really
> solid organisation. They provide 'unmanaged' hosting as well as
> potentially custom 'managed' support - maintenance of OS, security
> update, etc. They work with a lot of serious open source projects and
> organisations who one would want to be friends with:
> http://osuosl.org/hosting/clients
> The situation with them is they run infrastructure for a lot of open
> source projects; they are an independent organisation within OSU;
> Google and IBM have sponsored them to be able to afford staff costs.
> That is their biggest lag issue right now and they are actively
> pursuing sponsorship. One could have N amount of a person's time from
> them for a certain sum. This could be an option - OSGeo sponsoring the
> OSL organisation and getting managed support in return. 
> I'm recommending looking hard at this setup because it makes a lot of 
> sense to me; what are our other options? While to a great extent we can 
> syndicate hosting among different friendly institutions and try to rely 
> on a small group of volunteers to maintain a central core... it really 
> should *not* be something that OSGeo in general has to worry about in its 
> daily transactions.   
> jo
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>> From: Tyler Mitchell (External) 
>> Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 12:08 PM
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>> Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Board] Infrastructure proposal/assessment - item for
>> tomorrow?
>> Re: the proposal...
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Infrastructure_Proposal
>> Three things that I think you need to discuss and, hopefully, decide
>> tomorrow:
>> 1) Timing urgency for moving/setting up each infrastructure component to
>> a new platform
>> 2) Tasking specific individuals/groups with responsibility for making it
>> happen
>> 3) Budget availability for setting up/administering new infrastructure
>> Without any of these, nothing can be realistically expected to move
>> forward.  I'm keen to help wherever I can.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Tyler
>> On 3-Aug-06, at 11:14 AM, Jo Walsh wrote:
>>> dear all,
>>> I added an item to the agenda for tomorrow - a discussion / sanity 
>>> check of this assessment of OSGeo's infrastructure needs that Tyler 
>>> and I started putting together over the last few days:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Infrastructure_Proposal
>>> This is a response to what Gary has been calling for a while - a 
>>> definite outline of what project needs are and what tools are strongly
>>> preferred, with a potential hosting and support option at the OSU Open
>>> Source Lab which is really appealing - http://osuosl.org/
>>> Feedback apprec;  look forward to talking tomorrow
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