[Board] Board Meeting Friday

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 5 10:02:41 PDT 2007


This is a reminder that we have a board meeting by phone this Friday
at 15:00 UTC (8:00am pacific, 11:00am eastern us).


One important issue is to establish a new executive.  Last year we had
myself as President, Gary as Treasurer, and recently we named Tyler as

The President's primary duties are chairing board meetings, and occasional
figure-head stuff like speaking at the AGM.  I would be willing to stand
as president though I also wouldn't mind turning it over to someone else
though that would mean I need to throw out my OSGeo cards.

The Secretary is responsible for keeping corporate records, including
board minutes, contracts.  They may actually prepare minutes of board
meetings though that isn't necessarily the case.  We appointed Tyler
to this role early in the summer (it was previously Rich Steele) and
I think he continues to be the logical choice for the role.

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing administration of OSGeo
finances, though the treasurer doesn't necessarily need to do much of
the work themselves.  Ken Tamura from Autodesk has been supporting Gary
in this role in the past, and providing advice to Tyler who has been
preparing the actual financial reports.  My understanding is that Ken
might be willing to stand formally as Treasurer.  I'd appreciate it
if Ken, Gary or Tyler could comment a bit more on this possibility.
If we are likely to follow up on this I hope Ken will also attend
the board conference call.

I will say I don't personally feel that we have quite "hit our stride"
as far as financial reporting goes.  Reporting has been irregular, and
responsibility has been spread around a bit.  I'm hoping we can tighten
this up in the year ahead.

On a related note, I have added discussion of financial reporting at
the AGM to our agenda.  I think we owe the membership some sort of
annual report.  I'm not even sure what we are using for a formal
financial year.

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