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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Mar 6 20:43:07 PST 2010

Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
> On 2010/03/07 12:42, Howard Butler wrote:
> ....
>>>> suggesting that "official" local chapters to sponsor OSGeo at
>>>> Associate Sponsor level(for non-profits) and avail benefits that
>>>> come with it. I would also suggest special sponsorship rates for
>>>> non-OECD countries to lower entry level barriers for countries
>>>> like VN etc.
>> This idea would completely disincentivize most local chapters to
>> even participate.
> I do not think so.


I feel it would be a significant disincentive to many local
chapters.  Certainly there is no way the Ottawa chapter is
going to ante up money.  We don't have money.  All we have is
a mailing list and meetings at a pub.

>> Furthermore, differentially putting up giant barriers to participate
>> like this would invite resentment within the organization.
> Then what is the appropriate way of requesting local
> organizations to sponsor OSGeo that Tyler is mentioning.

Frankly, I thought Tyler was barking up the wrong tree in suggesting
we might get funding out of Vietnam.  If things get going there it
would be nice if there was enough local funding to support some
visiting speakers/trainers.

What I do hope is that local chapters will present a full set of
OSGeo sponsorship opportunities to local companies, and government
organizations.  This includes sponsoring the local chapter as well
as sponsoring OSGeo, OSGeo projects and FOSS4G.

That said, I am just as happy for local chapters to collect sponsorship
locally and apply it to our overall mission locally.  When you look
at the promotional activities, primarily in the form of local events,
accomplished by many of the local chapters it completely dwarfs the
impact of the OSGeo marketting committee.  Though I am hopeful that
the marketting community will continue and grow in the role of providing
materials that can be taken advantage of locally.

I particularly do not want local chapters to end up feeling that
we (OSGeo International) are trying to milk them for money.

With regard to the differential rates for non-profits, I would like to see
FOSS4G offering booth space to chapters, projects or OSGeo related
non-profits for as modest a price as is practical without crowding out
more lucrative vendors. But that's not really the point at hand.

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