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Tyler Mitchell tmitchell.osgeo at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 6 21:34:51 PST 2010

Frank wrote:
> I feel it would be a significant disincentive to many local
> chapters.  Certainly there is no way the Ottawa chapter is
> going to ante up money.  We don't have money.  All we 
> have is
> a mailing list and meetings at a pub.

I agree with the disincentive point based on the interaction I've had with several chapters.  Many are borderline interested in OSGeo vs. some other related organisation - when they are 'won over' to OSGeo we should rejoice not put up a barrier.  

That said, perhaps we can find some further incentive method to encourage them to dig up sponsors (e.g. giving a % of sponsors they bring back to their specific activities.... etc.).

> Frankly, I thought Tyler was barking up the wrong tree in suggesting
> we might get funding out of Vietnam.  If things get going 
> there it
> would be nice if there was enough local funding to support some
> visiting speakers/trainers.

Hehe - that was part of my point in fact.  I'm trying to keep my financial hat on and asking "How can we help, but what's in it for OSGeo" wherever possible.  So by digging through a spreadsheet of countries who have adopted open source at a federal level, I was wondering if they might instead need our 'services' by us helping coordinate/provide speakers .. but to a FUNDED event (not OSGeo funding the event or sending people to it).

> With regard to the differential rates for non-profits, I would 
> like to see
> FOSS4G offering booth space to chapters, projects or OSGeo related
> non-profits for as modest a price as is practical without 
> crowding out
> more lucrative vendors. But that's not really the point at hand.

It's certainly encouraging to see some local chapters looking for booth space this year!  A slight twist to the above, I could see helping accommodate the local chapter in the region of the event, and we often do by hosting them at the OSGeo booth.  But beyond that I don't quite see the logic in accommodating local chapters to go to a (often) foreign country to showcase their work.  I'm probably also worried that the OSGeo booth will have fewer members helping out.. but I'm sure we'd survive ;-)  That said, I'm all for having them and their sponsors get a booth :)

Best wishes,
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