[Board] Local Chapters as OSGeo Sponsors

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Sat Mar 6 22:16:21 PST 2010

I changed the subject as there is some
confusion about what I am talking about.

On 2010/03/07 13:43, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> With regard to the differential rates for non-profits, I would like to see
> FOSS4G offering booth space to chapters, projects or OSGeo related
> non-profits for as modest a price as is practical without crowding out
> more lucrative vendors. But that's not really the point at hand.

I am not discussing about FOSS4G booth space here as I am
doing it on the conference-dev list, the logic being the same.

What I was trying to discuss in my previous mails is about "official"
chapters being able to become Non-Profit Associate Sponsors and able
to enjoy the full benefits of the Associate Sponsors that is listed at
http://www.osgeo.org/sponsorship with 50% discount in sponsorship rates

Chapters that do not want to be "official" or do not have the funds
to be official could be "OSGeo Club" (maybe someone will help me
find a better word) that do not enjoy the benefits listed at

Best regards


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