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On 09/13/2010 07:43 PM, christopher.schmidt at nokia.com wrote:
> On Sep 13, 2010, at 12:45 PM, ext Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
>> On 2010/09/14 0:41, Jo Walsh wrote:
>> ...
>>> Personally happy to keep chipping in here. The balance of
>>> board/board-priv business seems to have been struck pretty well.
>>> But what were we talking about before we started meta-talking?
>> Before the meta-talking, we were considering
>> Mark Lucas was suggesting about some forum where
>> ex-board folks could meet and gossip like we
>> used to do in the old days.
>> Agree totally that board list should be public and
>> most board matters addressed to/by the board must be
>> on the public board list.
>> Would like to know how the board-priv works. Anyone
>> can post to board-priv and only the present board
>> members can read?
> Yes. board-priv is just an email alias that sends to people;
> it's not even a real 'list'. It is almost never used; in the
> time I have been on the board, I think it has been used 3 times;
> once for a contract, once for our IRS docs, and one for another
> item that was requested to be private. Whenever possible, we
> avoid using it for any length of time, and discussion is almost
> universally on the public board list unless it's really sensitive
> (and some members, like myself and Frank, will usually end most
> emails on the board-priv list with "Can we put this on a
> mailing list yet?" :))

I agree. I see Board-priv mainly useful if you need to discuss an issue 
or distribute material *before* a decision. An example of such a 
decision is when somebody comes to us and proposes something (clearly 
privately) and we need to decide to turn it down or start working on it 
- the decision is then public and everybody can add to the discussion 
and work.

I guess I don't see much difference even between board and discuss 
lists, except that the board list is higher in my agenda and I assume 
the discussions there are specifically about board meetings or meeting 

I'd be happy to see more strategic level / advisory board type 
discussions (discuss list maybe the most appropriate for those and we 
have them there all the time) and even some advisory board (board + 
ex-board + committee chairs + others) type of f2f meetings - but then 
we're very close AGM. Private messages are easy to send by all of us.



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