[Board] Refining and adding to projects

Mark Lucas mlucas17 at mac.com
Sat Sep 18 03:24:00 PDT 2010

As projects evolve and expand there may be a need to segment or add sub-projects.  This became more apparent to me when I sat through Jody's excellent overview of the live osgeo disk.  

For example, the OSSIM distribution now contains:

libossim - the core library
command line tools 
GUI applications (ala imagelinker)
interface libraries for GUIs
ossimPlanet - 3D visualization application (OSSIM + OpenSceneGraph)
OMAR - a solution that uses Postgres/Postgis, OpenLayers, MapServer, GRAILs, ossim libraries etc.

When trying to point users to the right solution, the distro could be a core library, or applications, or a web based solution, or a visualization app.

We are also collaborating with Orfeo toolbox, and want to reinvigorate the bridge to GRASS, QGIS etc. Maybe we need a home for 'super projects' that integrate the work of multiple projects.

Does anyone have a thoughts on how we might merge in other projects, develop high level solutions (and distros) across projects, and segment larger projects into better defined categories?  



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