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On 14.12.2011 20:48, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> I'll ping Cedarbrook today to see what kind of prices (and
> availability) they have.  [When I did an event at the Hilton
> recently, Cedarbrook was cheaper and actually had better facilities
> too, but they couldn't accommodate my dates.]

I would be fine meeting in a Café or airport lobby - but something
dedicated to hosting meetings will obviously be more comfortable.

> Travel should be "best reasonable economy fare", where "reasonable"
> is defined as ~1 connection and don't need to do killer
> red-eye/overnight flights (but our Europeans might not have a
> choice).  Seattle Airport ("SeaTac") is a big airport, so there
> should be lots of options.  (I almost always fly Alaska Airlines, as
> they have a hub here.)
> -mpg

As I am in the area already I only expect OSGeo reimbursement for the
local airfare from Vancouver and back to Calgary or Kelowna plus the
weekend accommodation. For the latter I tend to go to rather modest
places if left on my own devices. Near the airport will make transfers
and timing easier.


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>> As treasurer I was going to suggest that we look for the best 
>> quality/price possible, and then found out that the Cedarbrook
>> Hotel is ranked #2 of 126 hotels in the area on Trip Advisor, with
>> a better price range than other hotels in the top 20:
>> http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60878-d1199588-Reviews-Cedarbrook_Lodge-Seattle_Washington.html
I usually go for cheaper but since this one gets great ranking I won't
>> object. A positive atmosphere can only result in a more productive
>> meeting.
>> That being said, I believe you expect OSGeo to cover some of the
>> travel expenses? Which ones? We need to set some limits, we can't
>> have some people fly first class while others go through 3 or 4
>> connections to save money for the foundation.
>> Daniel
>> On 11-12-14 2:03 PM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
>>> 7/9ths of you have indicated you would be able to attend a board
>>> meeting in Seattle at the beginning of February.
>>> **Mark/Tim, can you do this?**
>>>> From people's emails, it sounds like the meeting times that
>>>> work would be all day Saturday (Feb 4th) and at least the
>>>> morning part
>> of Sunday (Feb 5th).  (Sunday night the codesprinters start
>> arriving and the sprint itself starts Monday morning.)
>>> For venues, I have four suggestions:
>>> (A) somewhere right near the airport (A1) Cedarbrook Lodge
>>> (http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/) -- highly recommended from
>>> folks I know who've used
>> them
>>> (A2) Hilton Hotel -- I've used them recently for a meeting and
>>> it's perfectly fine (but admittedly pretty bland corporate
>> hotel fashion)
>>> (B) somewhere here on Bainbridge Island (requires cab to ferry,
>>> then ferry to island) (B1) IslandWood -- very cool place to be at
>>> and convenient for the sprinters (B2) somewhere else here on the
>>> island -- I'm sure I could find somewhere interesting
>>> I'm very risk-averse with travel and accommodations; I'm always
>>> willing to pay more for the assurance of knowing the wifi,
>>> rooms,
>> etc, are all going to be good quality and just not having to worry
>> about anything.  But this isn't really my money, so if you wanted
>> me to find a cheap alternative somewhere I probably could.
>>> While (B1) or (B2) would be best for me, I think (A1) or (A2)
>>> make the most sense given that some of you aren't attending the
>>> sprint
>> and won't want the additional hassle of having to travel some
>> distance/time away from the airport.  [and I could give a ride to 
>> IslandWood for the sprinters after the meeting]
>>> Comments?
>>> -mpg
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