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This is a good idea. It will be great if Jeff or Venka are able to attend and present OSGeo. 

Also may i request our colleagues at The Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT) Open Geospatial Lab  to be there to share their experiences at this conference. The SSUGT Open Geospatial Lab is the central and only node in Russian Federation. We hope more universities in Russia will start establishing OSGeo labs to help expand more education opportunities there.


Best wishes,


PS: Two weeks back i attended SASIG 2015 in Lisbon to give keynote and it was a great opportunity to get discussions started for establishing a dedicated OSGeo lab in Portugal. Thanks to the SASIG organisors for funding my travel which enabled me to attend the conference.

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Hi Arnulf,

Maxim has sent me a direct message about this.  I will see if I can make
it work and get back to you here.  Venka and I have been speaking of
such a visit to Moscow and the community there (several attended
FOSS4G-Seoul), and maybe this is the good reason to do so in November.
I will look into visa requirements though first.

PS. I attended the first QGIS Users meeting in Denmark last year as a
keynote, I agree that such a representation goes a long long way.


On 2015-10-09 11:55 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
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> Folks,
> this falls like dead center in our mission and in my opinion is worth
> some investment. Would OSGeo consider funding a high level
> representative to give a presentation there?
> I am sure that someone from the board, a committee or a PSC from a
> software project could be interested and available.
> Have fun,
> Arnulf
> PS:
> Two weeks ago I attended the Denmark QGIS user meeting (they could fund
> my travel) to give a talk about how to "build" a community / or rather
> how to help it emerge. For me it seemed overkill to ship a person around
> for a 45 minute talk and half an hour Q&A but all confirmed that it was
> really helpful. To us lots of this "Open Source community" stuff is
> obvious, but it is really, really helpful for those who have not yet
> attended a FOSS4G etc. And it seems that speaking in person still does
> make a difference.
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> Hi all,
> We're excited  to  announce  that  we're running Open GIS'2015 this
> November 21-22 (Sunday, Saturday) in Moscow, Russia  (45 days left)
> First  Open  GIS  conference  happened  in  2012  and brought together
> diverse crowd of 250 people from  150  organizations. We had about 50
> presentations  and 12 workshops. This year we expect at least the same
> numbers  or  more. We  hope  this will be a very positive, diverse and
> active event.
> This  conference  is  grassroots  and  organized by members of Russian
> GIS-Lab  and  OpenStreetMap communities (think FOSSGIS, but completely
> informal). Attendance and workshops are free.
> Though  this is a national event, English-speaking presenters are very
> welcome.   We   already   have  few  presentations  and workshops from
> people  from  abroad (for example from Victor Olaya). We can guarantee
> lots  of  attention  and  challenging  questions. If  you're with a
> company this might be a major 'undeveloped market' for your products.
> Please  let me know if you'd like to come. You will most probably will
> require  a  visa,  but  there  is  plenty  of  time  to  get one. Your
> participation   is   critical  for  building  stronger  ties  between
> technically  apt,  but  isolated  user&developer  community  here  and
> outside open source geospatial world.
> We're  also  looking  for  sponsors,  primarily  to  cover  travel for
> international visitors and may be students.
> Hope to see you in Moscow.
> Maxim Dubinin
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