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Jeroen, in my opinion the reasoning is upside down. UNOPenGIS is a joint relevant attempt of migration from proprietary to open source GIS. But it is not the project of UN. It is also our project, as Foundation. We are putting the usual volunteer effort, many people are contributing with less or much time. UN is putting the time of part of the staff and the support for their traveling. The same is doing  the other teams contributing (like GEOShape, GeoSDI, the Korean Government,etc). What we are asking to OSGeo, as it was decide that this is an interesting attempt ( the aim is to verify if and how much it is possible to migrate to OS and this, in my opinion, is something of interest of OSGeo), is to support our travel to the workshop because this is important for speeding up the activity of that global heterogenous team.
In conclusion: is this really interesting for OSGeo or not? if, at the end of the day, the answer is not, better to know it before.  OSGeo can decide that we prefer to focus on something different and to put our effort on something more relevant for us. But it has to be decided. At this point, instead of saying that I'm doing this and that as OSGeo and G4A, I'll say that I'm doing that as Maria. Or simply, I go in holiday and avoid working all August. The point is what we think as strategic. If this is not strategic for OSGeo, just let me know ;-)


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> Il giorno 20 ago 2016, alle ore 02:43, Jeroen Ticheler <jeroen.ticheler at geocat.net> ha scritto:
> Dear Maxi,
> I think that the UN should financially support your participation if they are serious about the initiative. Speaking from experience inside out it seems not so good practice to have people fund their own participation. And although money can be an issue within the system, it is definitely a matter of prioritizing. IMHO honest prioritizing towards the use of FOSS is reflected by the UN's will to fund this (minimal!) expense. 
> My 2 cents. Cheers,
> Jeroen
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>> Op 19 aug. 2016 om 21:53 heeft Massimiliano Cannata <massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch> het volgende geschreven:
>> Dear Board,
>> I would like to ask for financial support for Maria Brovelli and Massimiliano Cannata to participate in the second UN openGIS initiative workshops (held in Seoul 7-11 Nov.) as requested from UN as members of the Strategic Board of the initiative.
>> The total cost per person should not exceed 1'500 € 
>> Please, don't hesitate to ask for further required information.
>> Best,
>> Maxi
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