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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 09:13:36 PDT 2017

I have an action item from today's marketing / website rebranding meeting
to discuss use of sub brands with the board. This is starting to touch on
the relationship we have worked out with GeoForAll, OSGeo Live, Local
Chapters and OSGeo Projects.

Here are the meeting notes:


   Review of OSGeo Live branding history

      Discussion on relationship between projects and osgeo

      We have an answer about “Live” - it is a live demonstration of
      software, rather than a static demo.

      We have a strong relationship and we could ask OSGeo Live to use the
      OSGeo logo unaltered, however that does not answer the general
problem (of
      how to work with sub brands)


   Review of project branding, join OSGeo with branding in place

      Approach: Ask project to host “OSGeo Project” (or “OSGeo Community)
      branding with with logo on their website


   Review of OSGeo Local Chapter branding, variations on OSGeo logo, etc..

      Not sure we can provide enough guidance without weakening the OSGeo

      Take the same approach as for projects, local chapters can do their
      own thing, but we ask for a “OSGeo Local Chapter” logo unaltered linking
      back to osgeo website.

      We understand that doing their own thing may involve local chapters
      simply using the OSGeo logo unaltered and they are welcome to do so.



      This is a hard sub-brand because it is a collaboration between OSGeo
      and external parties

      Existing logo is much loved, and communicates well.


         Treat GeoForAll like a normal project, we can adopt the same
         information sheet layout and use the GeoForAll logo and
website links at
         the bottom

         Update the logo to match, use the same two color and font approach.
         (this is the preference of geoforall volunteers making content)

Jody Garnett
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