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Thefts are unfortunate whether from a delegate or a volunteer but OSGeo should not be getting involved in financial compensation.

A reminder to all of us that we need backups (and more backups) and insurance

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> Dear All,
> Regarding the unfortunate theft of computer belonging to Nicolas and 
> Niroshan
> (and also some currency in case of Niroshan), I would like to express my 
> sympathies
> to Nicolas and Niroshan.
> Niroshan is a student at my lab and the computer that he lost belongs to 
> the university.
> I will deal with this matter with my university authorities and take 
> appropriate steps
> to replace his computer with university funds.
> For Nicolas, my good friend, the loss is even more heavy as the computer 
> was his personal
> one and contained months of his private work.
> I deeply appreciate the kind gesture by Luca and others in requesting 
> for Nicolas and Niroshan
> to be compensated in some way for their loss. However, I think that 
> OSGeo Board is in
> no way responsible of such loss and feel that it would better not to set 
> any precedence in
> extending compensation for such unfortunate incidents, which I hope will 
> never
> occur in future.
> The best OSGeo Foundation could do in their future events would be 
> announce that while
> the organizers take utmost case regarding the safety and security during 
> the event, the organizers
> are in no way responsible for loss/theft of personal property. Perhaps, 
> organizers of future events
> could think of providing cloak room facility for participants to 
> officially handover personal belongings
> for safe keep and receive a receipt for the same. Perhaps such facility 
> could be nominally
> charged.
> Regarding the present incident, the information booklet of FOSS4G-Europe 
> clearly states
> on page 6 [1] "Insurance & Liability
> Participants  are  adviced  to  provide  their  own
> personal  insurance.  Neither  the  organisers  nor In2Events will 
> assume any responsability
> whatsoever for damage and injury to persons or property during the 
> conference.", so it
> will not be appropriate to affix responsibility for the loss to 
> organizers. It would have been
> a different case if the items were missing from an official cloak room 
> with Nicolas and Niroshan
> having an official receipt for the items deposited for safe keeping.
> In light of the above, I am fine of helping on a personal level and am 
> even willing to make my
> contribution to compensate for loss of Nicolas's computer and Niroshan's 
> cash (I will
> find a way with our university authorities to compensate for his 
> computer). I do not think
> that it is appropriate to involve the OSGeo board and request them to 
> deal with this matter
> at an official level and also feeling that board voting on this matter 
> by the board is not necessary.
> I, once again, would like to express my sympathies to Nicolas and 
> Niroshan for the loss
> of their items and the anguish they had to undergo as a result. I also 
> thank all our community
> members for coming forward with offers of help and also thinking about 
> ways of compensating
> their loss.
> If we as a community can come up with a plan to try and compensate at a 
> personal level, I will
> be most willing to make my contribution.
> Best
> Venka

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