[Board] Feedback from ISO/TC211 plenary and draft liaison report due 14 Dec

Victoria Rautenbach victoria.rautenbach at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 09:43:07 PST 2020

Dear All

As discussed, I attended the ISO/TC 211 plenary. You can access the
plenary slides that were presented during the meeting here,
If there is any questions, I can try and answer them.

Then the liaison report is due 14 December. This is just a short
overview of our activities. I started a draft and would appreciate any
feedback. We can move the report to the OSGeo template once finalised
(it did not want to work with me in Google Docs). Can we ask that all
comments are submitted on 12 December, then Tom or myself can finalise
it and submit? You can access the draft here,

Let me know if there is any feedback or questions.


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