[California] Becoming a Formal Chapter

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Jan 15 03:31:42 EST 2009


Just got out of the Marketing meeting and have lots to share.

1. Some in OSGeo think we're ready to jump incubation and become a
chapter. There are 2 small and 1 big thing we need to do for that to happen.
 A. Clarify/Cleanup our Objectives/Mission and put it on the wiki page
 B. Call a Chapter Meeting
 C. Request to become a chapter (A simple email to the Board)

I suggest we call a meeting in early Feb to take care of A and C.
I will offer to host the event in Davis as that is central for
Bay,Stockton and Sac where the majority of our current membership resides.
Every effort will be made to offer remote participation for SoCal folks
and I encourage them to also plan a meeting (maybe alternate NorCal,
Socal every few months?)


Time to discuss,

PS: Anyone want to make the Chapter logo for use on our sponsorship
letter. Contact me for base logo and guidelines.

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