[Conference-europe] targeting of foss4g-europe

Karel Charvat charvat at ccss.cz
Tue Aug 5 00:52:28 PDT 2014

Hi Jachym,
I agree with this. We have also find model, not to overlap with other
European Event as INSPIRE conference or European GEOSS conference or
European Data forum etc. Because, if we would like be successful, we have
address also community outside of main developers.
Question is also periodicity.


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Hi all,

based on Karel's e-mail, I would like to talk a bit about the target of

With respect to what I said in my previous e-mail, more practical focus
could be good. There are topics in Europe, like INSPIRE, GMES, Open Data
movement and others, which need to be addressed practically, especially it
would be good, if we could hack around them.

It was also good, that we could hear some of the talks, which will be on
global FOSS4G as well, which addresses one of key attributes:
brining global FOSS4G to local communities.

We need to find balance.

IMHO for example 2 days talks and 2 days hackathon with code sprint in
parallel for people, who are not interested in one project, could work?


Jachym Cepicky
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