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Mateusz Łoskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri Aug 22 00:27:53 PDT 2014

On 22 August 2014 02:24, Karel Charvat <charvat at ccss.cz> wrote:
> I think, that umber of attendants is something, what is difficult predictable. Not so easy to reach 200 attendants.
> I am all time thinking, how to do something, what could attract larger community. It seems to me, that till now we didn’t succeed to attract commercial sector to broader participation. Seems to me, that maximum 5 - 10 percent of companies, who are using Open Source GI technologies, are participating on such events.

Good points Karel.

> More and more of so called Apps developers including independent developers is out of communities very often utilising other products or starting from scratch.  Seems for me critical, how to attract people.

program + time + location
where the program is what we've got full control of, the two other are
more objective decisions/limitations

> OGC and INPIRE are important for business, because their standards define rules, which I as private company has accept.


> I think, that academic track is good, but in some way, for me as representative of businesses seems for me FOOS4GI more academic oriented.
> I would like to vote and also discuss something like commercial section.

Could you give a summary of major goals of such commercial section?
What is the idea, roughly?
Are you thinking about companies presenting products, demos?

I always thought a conference is slightly different event than a trade
fair (like Intergeo is),
but I may be misunderstanding your idea, so please explain.

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