[OSGeo-Conf] Can proprietary products be discussed/promoted at FOSS4G2009?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 02:36:41 EDT 2008

While talking up FOSS4G2009 at a recent Australian conference (Qld SSI 
on the Gold Coast) we were asked:

"Are proprietary products allowed to be discussed/promoted at FOSS4G?"

More specifically:
* Do we accept presentations about integrating Open Source with Proprietary?
* Do we accept presentations from proprietary vendors about how they can 
integrate with Open Standards/Open Source?
* Are proprietary vendors allowed to Sponsor the conference?
* Are proprietary vendors allowed to set up a booth?
* Are proprietary vendors allowed to participate in an interoperability 
  - To what extent?

My take is:
FOSS4G 2009's theme is "User Driven" and users need to integrate open 
source with proprietary applications.

So presentations and testbeds targeting "Integrating Proprietary with 
Open Source" should be encouraged, Proprietary only is not allowed, and 
at least 75% of the topics should be completely Open Source focused.

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