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Tyler Mitchell tmitchell.osgeo at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 16 11:34:34 EDT 2010

A few ideas Eric,

1. Having a second BOF slot would help, perhaps before the social event.  We successfully ran BOFs before the social even before, though the timing was a bit tight.  I assume the social event in there won't need conference facilities, 
would be off-site?  

2. WMS shootout is likely best handled just as a presentation during the course of the event without any special room requirements.

3. OSGeo AGM could use a room with seating of 200+ on the Monday evening or afternoon Friday - which ever is cheapest ;-)

Hope that helps, ignore me if already discussed.

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> Also in preparation for requesting bids from venues, I have 
> assembled a
> proposed program. In particular, I needed to be able to come up 
> with numbers
> of rooms, days and times needed, and number and type of food events.
> This program is based on prior FOSS4G programs and input from 
> the conference
> committee. The purpose of this proposed program is help us 
> compare venue
> bids and is likely to change.
> However, please provide input as this will impact the bids from 
> venues.
> See: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2011_Denver_Program#Program
> Thanks,
> Eric
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