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David William Bitner bitner at dbspatial.com
Tue Aug 21 05:08:05 PDT 2012

Cameron, see inline comments.

> FOSS4G-NA (David Bitner) and FOSS4G-Nottingham (Stephen Feldman):
> * Can you please describe what the maximum exposure will be for your
> conference. (in $$).

FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-Nottingham:
> * Can you please explain the decision points during planning. These
> decision points will include:
> ** Date
> ** Event
> ** What your maximum exposure will be at this point
> ** What your criteria will be to decide to continue with the conference,
> or cancel at that point.

We have negotiated with the venue and are able to get these prices with
absolutely no room block liability. The only venue liabilities that we have
are on the following schedule based on a percentage of our food minimum of

   - 2012-08-10 (anticipated contract signing) $1,500 (due as a deposit)
   - 2012-09-21 25%, $18,750
   - 2012-12-21 50%, $37,500
   - 2012-02-21 75%, $56,250
   - 2012-04-21 100%, $75,000

This would be in addition to any other expenses that we would incur for
hard goods and professional services as we incur those costs. Most
additional costs will be in the immediate month prior to the conference.

We intend to make sure that this event carries full liability and event
cancellation (to cover things beyond our control) insurance.

The total liability to OSGeo will be less the $11,000 that we are receiving
from the 2012 NA event.

The decision points will coincide with the liabilities incurred as per the
venue contract.

If we are not able to find a financial backer, we are dead now.

If we are not able to secure half of our target sponsorship ($30,000) and
have full website up and running by 2012-12-21 we should consider

If we are not able to secure 3/4 of our target sponsorship ($45,000) and
have registration underway with a minimum of 100 registrants we should
consider cancellation.

By 2012-04-21, we should have reached our sponsorship target ($60,000) and
our break even point on our budget for registrants (300 in current budget).

As any spending decisions or budget increases per the agreement require
unanimous support from our Executive Committee made up of our financial
backer (OSGeo), our fiscal agent (SharedGeo), and our Local Committee, any
one of these representatives could use their veto to cancel this event. I
would expect that this group in collaboration with the groups they
represent would be able to come to a consensus if we are not reaching our
goals or if there were other concerns with the planning process.

> 3. Earmark a minimum of 50% of net conference profits for future FOSS4G
>    North America events (excluding the main FOSS4G international event).
> *  I think this is a valid request, but there are many grey areas
> associated with the wide comment and I believe it requires more discussion
> (at least weeks). FOSS4G-NA, in the interests of getting this motion
> approved, can we please remove this point from the motion.

No. We are willing to refine this statement, but as we received 100% of net
conference profits from our preceding event, we feel it is only fair if we
pass a significant amount forward to make sure this event continues. Would
limiting it to an earmark of 50% to a 2015 NA Event (2014 if the 2014
International event is not in NA) with that amount rolling back to OSGeo
general funds were it not to happen limit this better for you?

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