[OSGeo-Conf] Final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea

Steven Feldman shfeldman at gmail.com
Sat May 10 08:41:37 PDT 2014

Jeff, I don’t think anyone doubts the commitment and effort of the Korean team. There will be different views as to why Beijing failed in 2012, surely we all agree that both the Conference Committee and potential event organisers should learn from that experience?

Cameron raised a reasonable concern about the likely levels of attendance at a FOSS4G in Seoul by those from outside of the region. He suggested that the team consider a plan that would be viable with a primarily local attendance. I have also asked questions about the financial viability of the model that has been submitted. These are concerns that need to be discussed. 

Running a FOSS4G involves taking on some significant financial risks - if delegate numbers and/or sponsorship income do not reach target levels, the losses could be substantial. We may all agree that we would like to grow the use of OSGeo in South East Asia but what level of financial risk are we willing to accept? Are the organising team prepared to be the financially responsible body, do they have the resources to take a hit?

I want to see a successful FOSS4G 15 in Korea, even if that is on a smaller scale than the European and North American events. A plan that ensures that the event will be successful with say 350 primarily regional delegates and which can flex to accommodate a larger and more international attendance will minimise risk. 

On 10 May 2014, at 14:28, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:

> There were of course warning signs...anyway but
> yes please every Conference Committee and Board member must learn from
> this.  I personally do not agree with throwing this message at the
> Korean local committee, who are working so hard to be open and
> passionate - it is on us to be mindful.

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