[OSGeo-Conf] Question Period: Dublin proposal

Eli Adam eadam at co.lincoln.or.us
Fri Feb 27 12:40:30 PST 2015

Hi Peter and Dublin,

Will t-shirts be included? (I did not notice them in the budget.)

What are the sponsorship levels?  Do you have a list of the number of
potential sponsors at each level (don't need to include names)?

It appears that the PCO will get a % of sponsorship.  Is that the
case?  If so, can that be changed to a % of first time, out of Ireland
sponsors or no % at all?  Many FOSS4G sponsors are reliable repeat
sponsors.  PCOs don't seem great at finding new FOSS4G sponsors.
Local OSGeo community members seem to have good contacts for finding
sponsors.  Some sponsors find you.  In short, I think that a percent
of sponsorship is paying a high price for little to no benefit.  Did
you explore any other fee structures for your PCO?

Best regards, Eli

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:35 AM, Jeff McKenna
<jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:
> Peter, I forgot to note in Section 7 (Budget) of your plan to charge
> different registration fees by country (to "encourage delegates from
> low-income countries").  I support this, but it sure could be a source of
> pain if some question this (I am not aware of this being enabled for a past
> FOSS4G event, but it was discussed).
> -jeff
> On 2015-02-22 2:20 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> Hi Peter and Dublin team,
>> Thanks for your detailed proposal, here are my questions and comments on
>> your full proposal:
>> - I am captivated by your FOSS4G logo on the opening page of the
>> proposal.  The "Open Doors" theme and explanation are a wonderful fit
>> for the true spirit of FOSS4G.
>> - also I am happy to see "presented by OSGeo" there directly on your
>> opening page as well.
>> - Section 1: Great to see a headshot image of the chair.  Actually this
>> was done well by both teams (what better way to get to know team members
>> than a small image beside their descriptions).
>>   - I really like this section, which shows the vision by the chair.  I
>> also agree that FOSS4G should be more inclusive towards the future of
>> the community, the students and the children.
>> - Section 2: Interesting to read about the Health Atlas Ireland (I tried
>> to actually see it in action, but every link I tried required a login).
>> - Section 3: Wow, how nice to see a summary of the main points of the
>> proposal in 3 concise pages.
>>    - thank you for including a proposed timeline of important dates.  (I
>> wonder why this isn't actually a requirement in the RFP, I'll note this
>> for future calls)
>> - Section 4: I like that you focus on providing space for Birds of
>> Feather sessions, and a non-sit-down Gala event.
>>    - the community weekend is a great idea.  I would think that the best
>> time for this is before the event (as your local team and most FOSS4G
>> community members will be exhausted by the end of the week).
>>    - wonderful that you will work with the GeoForAll community and plan
>> to create a new lab.
>>    - the "what Success will look like" section is superb, as it is great
>> to read about your team's goals for FOSS4G.  I especially like the plan
>> to make all materials including workshop materials made available as
>> soon as possible.
>>    - I like reading that your team realizes how serious the
>> responsibility to host FOSS4G is to OSGeo.
>> - Section 5: there are multiple venues proposed, and I did notice in the
>> budget that you are planning on providing a shuttle from hotels to the
>> venue, and also a help desk at the airport.  Can you maybe elaborate a
>> little more on these plans for transportation around to the venues?
>>    - the CCD venue looks to be a wonderful location to host FOSS4G.  Did
>> you have any direct discussions with the CCD staff (such as about our
>> tech requirements), or visit the venue in person?
>>    - wow I love seeing a map of the locations (we are geospatial right
>> ha), instead of me having to try to figure out that myself.  And a
>> working mapping application showing the locations!
>> http://www.peterm7.com/foss4g2016/ (I had to turn on the OSM layer to
>> see building names)
>>    - great to see that the OSGeo AGM, Sol Katz Award, and Board of
>> Directors F2F meeting are factored into your plans (often I have to
>> bother the local committees later on to remind them of these)
>>    - I think it is important to provide discount accommodation options
>> for FOSS4G, so I am glad to read that you are in discussions with
>> Universities for on-campus options.
>> - Section 6: I think the addition of committee members that have hosted
>> international events is important (Maria, Marco with this year's
>> FOSS4G-Europe event will be invaluable)
>>    - I worry that the local committee doesn't have enough representation
>> from SME / industry. You mention the OpenApp team, and I am surprised
>> that no one from their team is included in the local committee.
>>    - it's good that you have a backup plan for the conference chair
>> (this has actually happened in a past FOSS4G, so having someone ready to
>> step up into that role is a good thing)
>>    - I am very happy to hear of your plans to form an OSGeo local
>> chapter (http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Ireland), and also work with the
>> existing UK chapter.  In fact I've today requested to the OSGeo systems
>> team that an "Ireland" mailing list be created for you.
>>    - I like your plan to work with OSGeo throughout, and provide the
>> OSGeo Board monthly updates (I have started to do this with the Seoul
>> team, and I feel that this should be a requirement for all FOSS4G events).
>> - Section 7: I am not so sure the budget should assume 1,000 attendees
>> only.  I would be good to also account for less, such as numbers for
>> 600, 800, and 1000 attendees.  I do value your passion and goals for
>> 1,000 though.
>>    - I don't see any proposed expenses for Workshop machines (this is
>> often a major expense).  I wonder if, as a worst case scenario, you
>> could provide an estimated budget that includes costs for hosting the
>> workshops at the CCD venue (will be very pricey, compared to a
>> university setting, but you can later examine the university option).
>> Or, outline costs for the university hosting the workshops and providing
>> the machines and tech support.
>>    - nice to see including costs of onsite first-aid.  This should
>> really be a requirement in the RFP for venue.
>>    - great that you included sending a rep to FOSS4G-Seoul in your cost
>> estimate (no better way to learn than to be there in Seoul and speak to
>> that local committee and attendees).
>> Section 8: I like that you are including the handover to FOSS4G 2017
>> team in your program, as these 10 minutes or so are super important.
>>    - wonderful plan to have the first Irish chapter meeting on Day 1 !
>>    - I don't see any issues with the proposed dates of August 15-20th.
>>    - the plan to co-host with the IRLOGI community is a great idea. This
>> would really boost the local community involvement in FOSS4G. Wonderful.
>> - Section 9: Thanks for describing and choosing a PCO.  I like that they
>> provide a working like to their proposed registration/abstract system
>> (https://b-com.mci-group.com/Registration/DynamicRegistration/DynamicRegistrationPage.aspx?EventCode=DEMO2014&SiteCode=DEFAULT)
>>    - Oh, great to see that you will be trying to translate event
>> materials into several languages.
>>    - thanks for following along the OSGeo Diversity / Code of Conduct
>> discussions.
>> Thank you again for this detailed proposal.
>> -jeff
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