[OSGeo-Conf] [OSGeo-Discuss] Updated GeoForAll budget 2018

Mark Iliffe markiliffe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 08:42:57 PST 2017


I agree there are potential issues that can arise here. I'd like to
delineate two streams here: 1. the traditional TGP fund; and 2. Alternative
funding streams.

1. I see this as being managed in the traditional TGP manner;
2. The DLOC will take (within reason!) as much money as it can to widen
participation - if there is a specific reason/funding target, then we'll
hit that target to make sure we're within the funding bounds. When/if this
occurs, I'll loop back to the conf committee and LOC to discuss the way
forward... but ultimately, we'll take the money and have the LOC
exclusively run it as a last resort - I'd like to minimize complexity and
don't want to over- burden people who are giving freely their time as well.

Does this make sense/is it appropriate? Thanks for the advice as always -
starting to feel the joy of the chair!


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