[OSGeo-Discuss] Draft of Guidelines for OSGeo Local Chapters

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Thu Aug 3 22:02:59 PDT 2006

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the edit. I think the guidelines looks
better (simpler now)

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

>  o Strip out all the old 3-tier document so we can focus on the new
>    simplified proposal.
>  o Separated out the "formation steps" into a subtopic, and fine tuned
>    a bit.
>  o Added a mention of local chapters providing networking opportunities
>    for member to member support, job opportunities, etc.

All fine.

> In the guidelines you list:
>   #  “OSGeo Chapter” must develop and maintain “Directory Listing”
>   of companies, people, universities and organizations involved with
>   or using OSGeo projects

Changed to
"“OSGeo Chapter” is encouraged develop and maintain “Directory Listing” of 
companies, people, universities and organizations involved with or using OSGeo 

> I'm not sure why this needs to be a requirement.  I think it might be
> desirable, but could be left to the chapter to pursue if they wish.
> We haven't made any effort to do that at the global level, so why are
> we demanding it from the chapters?

Maybe encouraging Local Chapters to develop such a listing would
help in efforts are global level. Ottawa Chapter has started a
directory listing on their wiki and I thought that was a good feature.

>   # “OSGeo Chapter” must support OSGeo projects at large

Changed to “OSGeo Chapter” must support the OSGeo Mission and Objectives of OSGeo

> When I added the "Provide member networking opportunities for support
> and job opportunities" item to the roles of a chapter, my goal was
> to point out that in large part local chapters exist to support the
> local members in a variety of ways, not just to promote the goals
> of OSGeo as a whole.  Local member benefits include member-to-member
> support, networking opportunities for finding related jobs, finding
> business opportunities in the region and so forth.  I'm not too fixed
> on the exact wording, but I think it is important that local chapters
> keep this local-member-support role as key or they are unlikely to be
> very successful at getting and keeping members.


I have split the "Chapter Responsibilities" and "Chapter Benefits"
See http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Local_Chapter_Guidelines

> PS. I apologize for taking liberties with your text.  Please consider
> it as "in the spirit of the wiki" and feel free to revert aspects to
> your original text as you see fit.

I like the "the spirit of the wiki" as well as other sprits!!
Pl. feel free to change edit if necessary. Hope we can present
the draft at todays BoD meeting.



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