NOT"geographic web" on Google Earth + poached OSGEO logo

Mike Liebhold mnl at
Sat Dec 9 12:08:38 PST 2006

I clicked on google earth today, to follow my daughter & husband's 
journey from brazil into argentina, and found an unexpected new default 

I don't know which is more offensive:

1, That google would add a new default selected layer called "geographic 
web" that is - no way -  a "geographic web"


2. that that the prominent logo on many proprietary kml placemark pages 
from these "geographic web"  points is so derivitive/poached from the 
widely recognized  OSGEO <> logo. see 

And it's kind of counter-intuitive to see some  non-editable wikipedia 
pages have mysteriously been imported into google's own non-standard kml 

If google earth actually supported standards, starting with html and 
georss, wfs/wms/gml I guess they could claim a "geographic web". Until 
then it looks like a clearly blantant appropriation for private 
advantage of  the term "geographic web" that explicitly means open 
standard hypermedia, to most rational people.

check it out.

- Mike Liebhold
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