[OSGeo-Discuss] Is there an Open Source software applicationthatwill draw a graticule on a map?

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Fri Sep 7 13:48:51 PDT 2007

Brent Fraser wrote:

>   So to focus my investigation I started the week with a
> question: Using the Canadian federal government CanVec
> topographic vectors, how close to creating a printed
> National Topographic Map could I get using an Open Source
> GUI-based desktop GIS application?
>   The answers:
>         From a programmer:    Pretty close. Look, the
> contours are brown!
>         From a cartographer:  Not close at all.  Where's the
> graticule?!
> (no offense meant to programmers or cartographers!)

If you want to focus other people on your problem,
why not point them to some free public data that
illustrates the issues?

Pick a Canadian NTS mapsheet, and give them the
URIs to:
- the CanMatrix product (a raster image made by
   scanning the front of the paper Canadian topo maps)
- the CanVec Canadian National Topographic Database
   data that you want to use to produce 'the same' map

You and I both know that the result of using that
CanVec data won't exactly be the same as the CanMatrix
product, but at least it will be a concrete example
that people can use to 'get their hands dirty'.
If people think they have a solution, they can even
buy the actual paper map, and print their map made
from the vector data, at the same size, and compare.

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