[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Voting for new OSGeo Charter Members open until 6th June 2008

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Jun 1 07:02:34 PDT 2008

Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
> +1 from me.
> I'm actually curious to understand what the reason is behind the number 
> of new charter members. The policy says:
> "The number of new members will be between 10% and one third of the 
> existing charter membership count as decided by the board."
> Now, that means an ever increasing number even if the total OSGeo 
> community would be shrinking. Shouldn't the number of new charter 
> members also be related to e.g. the number of people subscribed to the 
> OSGeo discuss list (or another community size indicator)?


People also drop off the list over time.  If a charter member does not
vote at all for two straight years, the Secretary is responsible for
removing them from the charter member list.

The 10-33% range was intended to allow renewal and growth while not
making it likely that the direction of the foundation is likely to be
swamped by a sudden influx of not-so-likeminded new members.

My hope is that the board would have some sense of how many additional
quality members we are likely to find in a year when setting the exact
number of new members.

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