[OSGeo-Discuss] Incubator Sponsor idea.

Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 12 09:06:42 PDT 2008

This is an interesting idea. I think it would have to be a case where  
an existing OSGeo project (I think what you're calling the "Super"  
project) expects this smaller project to have an important future as a  
viable OSGeo project. The PSC of the sponsoring project (say  
Mapserver, Mapguide or OpenLayers) would have to be willing to invest  
some time in nurturing this project towards the start of an incubation  

I think we would want to make it clear however that these smaller  
projects are not OSGeo projects -- as this would dilute the value of  
projects that have graduated incubation and are recognized as strong  
healthy projects. This is one of the most important roles for OSGeo --  
to help provide legitimacy to projects for those outside looking into  
the OSGeo domain.

There have been a few projects that have already started down this  
path -- but there really isn't a lot of structure in place to define  
how this would be done. It might be interesting to have for the future  


On 12-Sep-08, at 11:41 AM, Bob Basques wrote:

> All,
> I have a question about a possible way to get some smaller projects  
> into the system without the requirements of going full bore (as I  
> perceive it now)  I'm not really targeting any project per se at  
> this point, but . . .
> What about have a "Super" project that can act as a sponsor for a  
> smaller project.  When I say smaller, I mean where there might only  
> be one, two or three developers.  The end result being that the  
> "Super" project basically vouches for the smaller project in some  
> fashion for it to get some sort of OSGEO stamp applied to it.   This  
> could possibly be a criteria where some of the established vetting  
> is handled via a voucher system, where other "Super" projects can  
> add their credentials to the mix over time.
> Just a thought, still a little muddled too, but it seems like there  
> might be something workable in the concept.  Any other thoughts?
> bobb
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